Tips on moving in hot weather

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January 31, 2017

If you are planning on moving out of the city or just within the city, you are likely extremely accustomed to the hot weather. In order to secure your items and have a much easier moving day there are some top tips that you can follow for moving in hot weather. Keep some of these top tips in mind when moving:
Go to your new property early – Getting to a new property early and making sure that the air-conditioning is on and that fans are circulating air can make sure that when you arrive your pets and your family an be comfortable as items are moved it. If this simply isn’t possible due to a long-distance move, do what you can to pack up some extra fans and items that you can use to get air circulating from the moment you arrive.
Plan for pets and kids – moving with pets and kids on a hot day can be very difficult. Do what you can to make sure that they are comfortable with lots of bottled water, snacks and a comfortable ride in your car. You could also consider leaving pets or kids with family members for the moving day to make things easier.
Move on a weekday  Rather than moving in traffic it could be much better for your situation to move on a weekday when traffic is lighter. Moving during the day with lighter traffic will ensure that your items will remain on the hot truck for just a short amount of time and that you won’t have to sit in traffic in the sweltering heat.
Try to move in the morning – If you can schedule a move for the morning or the early evening this can lightly cut down on the amount of heat that your items are exposed to and the amount of discomfort that you might experience during the packing up and unpacking process.
Use some of these top tips from our packing and moving experts to minimize the amount of stress on your move in hot weather.

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