The top things you should do right after you move into a new home

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January 31, 2017

If you have just moved into a new home and you are stuck sitting around a whole pile of boxes without an idea what to do next, here is a checklist of some the most important items you can do as you unpack:
Getting photos – having photos of some of the rooms before they are populated with stuff can give you an idea of how to decorate in the future as well as potentially provide renters with a reference of what the room might look like when you post an ad online.
Check on valuables – make sure that the most valuable items that you moved have not been damaged. Most moving companies will have at least some type of insurance to cover you in the event of damage or breakage. When you pack and move your belongings however there’s definitely a limited amount of time that you have actually report this damage to an insurance company.
Sort out the trash situation – Between moving boxes and potentially some early home renovations you’re going to need a place to get rid of your trash. Do what you can quickly to find out what days the garbage pickup happens, where you should place your trash can and how the recycling program works in your neighborhood.
Change locks – As soon as possible it’s important to consider changing the locks. Previous residence will likely still have a key to your front door and rather than potentially risking a home invasion it’s very important that you get your locks changed quickly.
Register your car / change your license – If anything ever happened to your car it’s very important that you have your insurance on file and your car registered your new address. The license must also be registered your new address within 30 days of your move in the United States.
Drop cloth for painting and renovations – make sure that you get a drop cloth immediately so that you can protect your items and protect your new home against damage while you are painting and performing various renovations.

Always keep some of these top ideas in mind for your to do list after moving into a new home.

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