The top things many homeowners forget to do before they move

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January 31, 2017
Consider these top ways to make money with your move
January 31, 2017

Maryland Best Movers handles hundreds of moves every year and as a result we have created a checklist of some of the most common items that many of our clients have forgotten to do before they move. Remembering to complete some of these items could help to make sure you can save money and hassle as a future homeowner:
Cancel/move subscriptions – Remember that before you move it’s important to change over subscription such as your gym membership, your magazine subscriptions and other items that take place in your local area or get delivered to your home. Find a way to transfer or cancel all memberships before moving to make sure that you don’t suffer a disruption or service or charges on items you won’t be using.
Changing your address – For all incoming mail it’s an important idea to consider changing your address at least two weeks before you move. This will give you plenty of time to still receive bills but make sure that they don’t get lost in the clutter of your moving and packing effort.
Change financial info – changing over financial info your bank is essential. Make sure that all of the appropriate creditors can track you at a new address and that you can be reached at a new address.
Take pictures of valuables – taking pictures of your valuables before you leave is important to make sure that if you needed to create an insurance claim after a move that you could. Taking pictures of electronics especially can be a great idea so that you know how you hooked them up before.
Bringing a to go bag – bringing a bag that’s filled with some of the main items that you might need for the first week in your home is essential to making sure that you can remain comfortable for the early days during your move.
Keep some of these top items in mind for your move and for preparation for your move.

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