Consider these top ways to make money with your move

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January 31, 2017
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January 31, 2017

When you are packing up items for your move and actually preparing the process of moving you may be impressed to know that there are actually some ways that you could potentially make money off of your move. Here are some top services and ideas that you could use to actually generate a bit of extra income for your move in the packing / de-cluttering process.
Selling old furniture – selling old furniture can actually net you between 75 to 20% of the original value of the price that you paid on the storeroom floor. If you have items that simply wouldn’t look nice in your new home or that you just don’t have space for, consider selling them on online classifieds are potentially even through a consignment store.
Dropping old electronics – Rather than dumping old electronics in a bin at your local landfill you could consider potentially getting some money out of your old smartphone or tablet. There are many places such as GameSpot as well as local electronic stores that will take old electronics on cash trade. If you have a drawer of old family smart phones or electronics you could be getting between $5-250 per device or more depending on their age and value.
Selling moving boxes – Rather than letting old moving boxes simply going the garbage or collecting dust in your basement, you could consider selling them back to websites like boxcycle who will often pay between $.50 to two dollars per box depending on the size and conditions of the box you have.
Donating items – rather than potentially selling items it might be easier for you to donate items in the de-cluttering process. This could mean donating them to certain charitable organizations which are recognized by the IRS. Donating to one of these charities could potentially net you a tax receipt which could save you in taxes in the coming year.
Keep these top ideas in mind for saving money and making money with your move.

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